auxiliaryanimorphs asked:

Hey, Arryn! I just learned that we have the same birthday. Did you know that October 4th is also Siri's birthday?

arryn zech Answer:

I did not know that :)
It’s also the day Sputnik was launched.

theonedudeonfire asked:

I'm not sure if you've been asked this before but have you ever referred to yourself as 'Blake' around the office without any other clarification. Like succeeding in something and saying 'Blake wins' or something?

arryn zech Answer:

I actually have not. lol

iamatinypotato asked:

Would you ever follow a fan on Twitter or Tumblr?

arryn zech Answer:

I follow very few people outside of my friends circle, but there are a few artists that I follow on twitter and tumblr. Became friends with one :)